“The heroism of our healthcare workers has been on full display during this pandemic.  Nurses in South Jersey have been fearless in delivering care for vulnerable populations in difficult environments without all the vital resources they need.  I want to amplify the nursing profession’s needs in this urgent time, and examine how to strengthen the profession in the future—our frontline workers deserve nothing less” Cunningham said.

“Without a doubt nursing practices, and nurses personally, in all the diverse settings in which we work have been affected by this pandemic,” stated Barbi Harris.

“Although COVID response is the number one healthcare priority at the moment, the nursing profession needs policy champions now and certainly after the pandemic.  I am heartened that the most experienced Democratic primary candidate in the race has our backs and wants to amplify our voices,” Ria Rodney said.

Virtual Town Hall with Nurses

Congressional Candidate Will Cunningham hosts a virtual town-hall discussion with nurses from across the Second Congressional District

Climate Discussion with Andrew Lewis 

On the eve of Earth Day, Andrew and Will have a conversation about the Climate Crisis and its impact on South Jersey. 

“In the wake of the pandemic, America must build aneconomy that prioritizes cross-cutting comprehensive solutions like the Green New Deal that tackle our future crises head on.  We have seen the devastation of a disease our country was not prepared for—we cannot let the climate crisis find our country and planet flatfooted too,” said Cunningham.

“As we celebrate our planet this Earth Day, the United States must commit to being a global leader and encourage policies such as the Green New Deal in COVID stimulus packages as our European and Asian allies have,” Cunningham continued.

"It's great to have such a fresh and new, yet experienced, voice running to be our Representative.  Will’s ideas and energy are the stuff of real change. My greatest hope is that our conversation helped shed light on the diversity of South Jersey's residents, and also the unique challenges our culture and environment face as the impacts of climate change worsen. We touched on some really important environmental issues — like rising sea levels, wind power and localized farming — that are all crucial to local and national policymaking.  I encourage everyone to take some time this Earth Day to watch the recording online,"stated author, Andrew Lewis.

“South Jersey has a direct interest in preventing further climate change devastation.  We must protect our coastal communities, but we are up against the clock.  We cannot wait until a full-blown crisis is at hand—we must act now and do so in a way that boosts our economy by leaning into green jobs and green industries to save our communities,” said Cunningham.

Homelessness and Resources for Vulnerable Populations

As a formerly homeless youth, I personally know the hardship families across South Jersey are experiencing. It is essential to highlight programs for vulnerable populations in this great time of need.

“Half of my high school career, I was homeless.  That kind of hardship leaves an indelible mark, but has also lit a passion in me to help others.  Vulnerable populations in South Jersey need a fighter that understands their struggles, now more than ever.  The COVID-19 pandemic has economically hurt our community.  Families are struggling to make ends meet.  I personally know what that feels like and am proud to provide a forum to discuss vitally needed resources while shining a light on local heroes doing this great work,” said Cunningham.

The Legacy of Elijah Cummings

Will partners with Dr. Maya Rockeymoore Cummings to discuss the legacy of his former mentor, Elijah Cummings. 

"I am honored to partner with Dr. Maya Rockeymoore Cummings to discuss the legacy of my former mentor, Elijah Cummings. His legacy will live on in his desire to bring new voices like mine and Maya's to Congress. I was honored to have Chairman Cummings’ endorsement when I ran against Jeff Van Drew in 2018. Maya is a champion of Elijah's causes through and through, and I look forward to being her colleague fighting alongside her in Congress in 2021," Cunningham said.


“Will Cunningham is a fierce advocate who learned from the best — my late husband, Elijah Cummings,” said Maya Rockeymoore Cummings, Democratic candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives. “I am excited to join him, and look forward to a thoughtful, substantive conversation about the issues that matter most to our communities. I also look forward to both of us winning our upcoming primaries and our general elections in November, so we can work together to bring fresh leadership and deep policy expertise on key issues to a new Congress,” Cummings stated.

Racial Disparities during COVID-19 (and Beyond)

A Discussion with Tuskegee University’s Dr. Rueben Warren, and Ms. Carol McGruder.

South Jersey’s Future: A Discussion with Local Democrats.

After Atlantic City’s resounding defeat of a government takeover, local Democrats discuss what lies ahead for the region economically, the importance of a strategic and safe reopening, and why working class fighters in Congress are needed to fight for real people.

With: Stuart Wolf, Sharnell Morgan, Bruce Strigh.


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