Will is a proud son of South Jersey. He was raised by a single mother who worked an hourly wage factory job, forcing the family to live paycheck-to-paycheck. Without paid leave or a living wage, sickness meant eviction. Without a reliable safety net, his family was constantly moving and frequently spent several months at a time without heat, hot water, or electricity. When things got really tough, Will and his mother lost the roof over their heads, forcing them to live in a downtrodden weekly rate hotel. They were homeless for half of his high school career.

Despite these overwhelming obstacles, Will graduated with honors from Vineland High School and was accepted to Brown University. At Brown, he made a promise to himself to always fight for vulnerable populations and work to ensure others were afforded the same opportunities as him. This desire to give back to underprivileged communities motivated him to become a Teach for America Corps Member and, eventually led him to UT-Austin School of Law, where he focused his energy on harnessing the law to stand up for the forgotten and left behind.

For the past six years, that’s exactly what Will has been doing as he’s worked for the good people of South Jersey on Capitol Hill. Will spent two and a half years as a policy staffer for Senator Cory Booker — meeting with New Jerseyians on a daily basis, listening to their concerns, and advocating on their behalf in Congress.

Since 2016, Will has worked in the House of Representatives as a Chief Investigator for the late Chairman Elijah Cummings. As an Oversight Investigator, Will held pharmaceutical companies accountable, called out unethical price gouging, probed predatory for-profit colleges, and fought against corporate greed that endangered the public health.

Will led Oversight investigative hearings involving e-cigarette manufacturer JUUL, Johnson & Johnson's baby powder, Betsy DeVos' corrupt Department of Education, and contributed to efforts to remedy the Flint water crisis, protect Bears Ears National Monument, and hold the Trump Administration accountable.

He has never forgotten where he came from and wants to help the families and children of New Jersey’s Second Congressional District achieve their dreams just as he, with their help, was able to do not so long ago.


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Contributions or gifts to ActBlue are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes.