As a Chief Investigator on the House Oversight Committee, I was on the front lines fighting against Trump administration policies that favored corporate greed and profit over people and the public health.  My work protected consumers, students, and every day Americans.


I learned so many valuable lessons during my six years on Capitol Hill.  I rented an apartment on the Hill so I could walk to work and conveniently put in long hours to do the work of the people.  I built friendships and relationships with hundreds of other staffers and Members of Congress that have enabled me to change national education and public health policy reflected in my proven track record of results--this is the work I am driven to continue to improve the lives of all in South Jersey.


  • Will's year-long investigation led to Johnson & Johnson removing their carcinogenic talc-based baby powder from the market.

  • Will's work planning congressional hearings about the youth e-cigarette vaping epidemic led to corporate firings and a national fruit-flavor ban to prevent corporate marketing to children.

  • Will's pressure on Betsy DeVos led to loan relief for students defrauded by financially unscrupulous for-profit colleges that collapsed. 

The blockbuster July, 2019 hearing with the founder of JUUL resulted in the CEO's firing shortly thereafter.  The FDA and Center for Disease Control (CDC) used our hearing as a catalyst for change ultimately leading to President Trump's nationwide ban of fruit-flavored e-cigarette disposable pods this past January.

Youth E-Cigarette Epidemic

I was one of two leading investigators probing the vaping and e-cigarette market for illegally marketing to children with fruit-flavored e-cig products such as mango and unicorn's milk.  The use of nicotine products among youth had skyrocketed since JUUL entered the market in 2016.  My investigation and interviews revealed the

company intentionally marketed to youth.

Consumer Safety of Talc Products


I spearheaded the first ever Congressional hearing investigating the safety of talc-based products, particularly, Johnson and Johnson's baby powder.

I scrutinized the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) regulation of cosmetic products that corporations exploited avoiding ongoing testing and analysis of their products.  After this 14-month investigation, on May 20, 2020 Johnson & Johnson announced the company would remove its talc-based baby powder from the market and cease sales in North America---a huge victory for public health I am honored to have spurred.


Defrauded College Students


I prepared Members of Congress to grill Betsy DeVos' cabinet officials at the Department of Education for their lobbying ties to the predatory for-profit college industry.  In 2015, President Obama instituted regulations to extend loan forgiveness to students that attended schools that collapsed due to financial fraud.  Betsy DeVos refused to process nearly 200,000 of these borrower defense claims.  My investigation and hearing compelled oversight review of the Department's processes leading to students across the country finally receiving student loan relief they so desperately deserved after being saddled with debt from schools that defrauded them.

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